Are “with maintenance” vehicles being maintained?

Many employers choose to lease their cars and vans with an inclusive maintenance package. It’s a good idea, helping to spread the cost of maintenance and removing managerial issues of having to look for suppliers.

However, just because you have chosen “with maintenance”, you should not assume that your vehicles are actually being maintained.

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Why you need to keep “walkaround” checks interesting

The walkaround check is very much at the frontline of risk management for fleets, whether it is a simple tyres, levels and lights check for a company car driver or the more formal and controlled checks that commercial vehicle drivers have to complete under VOSA regulations.

What these checks have in common is that they are prone to complacency over time, that drivers start to tick the boxes without really looking properly at the areas they are supposed to be inspecting.

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DVSA to revolutionise fleet compliance

As a company, we have just been asked to take part in a DVSA pilot scheme that could transform how businesses approach fleet compliance.

Called “Earned Recognition”, it provides commercial vehicle fleets who can prove good compliance track records with the possibility of reducing the number of inspections they undergo plus a range of other benefits.

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