FleetCheck’s Mobile App wins another ‘delicious’ fan…

Regular vehicle inspections are a vital element of fleet management.  Pre-use defect inspections are a prerequisite for both FORS and Van Excellence operating standards and for companies with a Vehicle Operators Licence, it is essential that they operate within the DVSA safety and maintenance guidelines.

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Case Study: Percey Headley Foundation


Running a fleet of 18 mini buses, six people carriers and one van, The Percey Headley Foundation offer a wide range of services to children, young people and adults. Their education services include Hedleys Percy Hedley School, Hedleys Northern Counties School, Hedleys College and residential and respite care for all ages.  They also run an Employability Project, Hedleys Employability, which works with employers to improve employment opportunities for disabled people, and Hedleys Sport, offering a wide range of disability sports for all ages.

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