The Hidden and Unmonitored Millions.

Company vehicles are obvious targets for driver safety programs, but what about the estimated 4 million drivers who run errands for their employers, drive their own vehicle to meet with customers or sales appointments and part-time workers who use their own vehicles as subcontractors to larger commercial enterprises to install products or services? Continue reading “The Hidden and Unmonitored Millions.”

More Telematics Myths

We looked recently at some of the reasons why companies shy away from telematics.  Fear of disproportionate expense, disruption of installation and adverse driver reactions are by far the most common objections.  We explored these misconceptions, and explained why companies are jumping to the wrong conclusions.  (You can read the full article HERE)

Sticking with the theme, we’ll now look at some more Telematics Myths. These are particularly common among the smaller fleets.

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Fleet Management Myths: Telematics

Legal compliance, cost efficiency, best practice, technology, vehicle performance, driver behaviour, new legislation…today’s fleet manager has to keep numerous plates spinning all day, every day, just to have peace of mind that the fleet is under control.

It’s a complex job, often littered with confusion.

FleetCheck want to help ease that confusion by dispelling some of the most common fleet management myths.  We’re kicking off with telematics, a topic that generates more conflicting opinions than any other on the fleet agenda.

The Top 3 most common Telematics Myths

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