Are “with maintenance” vehicles being maintained?

Many employers choose to lease their cars and vans with an inclusive maintenance package. It’s a good idea, helping to spread the cost of maintenance and removing managerial issues of having to look for suppliers.

However, just because you have chosen “with maintenance”, you should not assume that your vehicles are actually being maintained.

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The limitations of spreadsheets for fleets

Not much notice is taken of the fact that probably by far the most popular tool used for managing fleets is not designed for that purpose at all. It’s Excel, the Microsoft spreadsheet.

This isn’t just the case in small fleets. We quite regularly come across organisations who have adopted a combination of spreadsheets and paper systems to run fleets of more than a 1,000 vehicles.

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Why vans should be excluded from the new MoT consultation

As you may know, the Government is currently undertaking a consultation on whether to extend the first MoT for cars and vans from three to four years. Having looked at the document the Department of Transport has published, we believe there is a good argument for treating the two types of vehicle differently.

The key argument is favour of an MoT extension is that vehicles are now much better made than even a few years ago. This is true but ignores the hard punishment that many vans undergo, which tends to be greater than cars.

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Walkaround- the easy way

Just like taking out the recycling, walking the dog on a rainy day and mowing the lawn, the walkaround safety check can feel like a chore. Life would be so much easier if our drivers could simply jump into their van, turn on the radio and start the day. But instead they must find the clipboard and a pen that works, then fill out yet another form, remembering to hand it in to the office where it will be checked – sometime – and then filed away.  Gathering dust, in a folder.  Third drawer down.  There – right at the back.  Sounding familiar?

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